Selling to K-12 is about to get easier.

Consider the time and financial costs that come with outreach to K-12 educators. How many cold calls go straight to voicemail? How many emails go unanswered? How much does it cost to get qualified leads through conferences?

It’s hard to get (and keep) traction in K-12, because the marketplace is crowded and solicitation processes are drawn-out and complicated. With Noodle Markets’ streamlined system, vendors get discovered and easily respond to active quote requests, RFIs, and RFPs at no cost.

That’s right — it is 100% free for you to register, add your products & services, and respond to educator requests.

Noodle Markets helps you:

Get free, warm leads.

Our robust search engine brings K-12 leaders to you. By adding your products & services to Noodle Markets, interested educators can reach out with ease.

Expand your reach.

Educators nationwide come to Noodle Markets seeking new partners, with a clear understanding of (and budget for) what they want. This is an opportunity to get traction with a new pool of potential customers.

Gain exclusive access.

Educators issue unpublicized Express Quote Requests exclusively through our Noodle Markets platform. If you are not registered on the platform, you won’t know about these opportunities to win new business.

Respond with Confidence:

Know your competition.

When you respond to a Noodle Markets invitation, you can request the competitive bidder list and winner announcement at the close of that solicitation. We can also help you with FOIA requests for RFPs issued on our platform.

Show ‘em your stuff — securely.

Share product details including photos, awards, and efficacy studies, knowing that only our exclusive community of K-12 educators has access to your company’s information.

Maximize your time.

Goodbye, unwieldy paper responses! Save time and money with digital responses to RFPs, RFIs, and quote requests using a clear, consistent layout.

Don’t take our word for it.

When a K-12 company is breaking new ground, it can be challenging to get discovered by district leaders. The ability to build out our free profile in Noodle Markets and respond to quote requests, RFIs, and RFPs in the platform is a great help in our efforts.

Henry Wellington

It’s always a joy to receive an email notification from a district inviting us to a solicitation on Noodle Markets. This is essentially a bonus lead finder that is totally free to us. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Walter Duncan

With Noodle Markets, there’s no dragging out of my time or the educator’s attention. Our contact back and forth is more intentional. I’m seeing opportunities that are approachable and immediate.

Colette Coleman