Students suffer as a result of inefficient purchasing.

We’ve spoken with hundreds of school leaders about their buying processes, and common struggles always emerge: They deal with a crowded marketplace, complicated bidding processes, and siloed purchasing communication. They field countless sales calls, attend conferences, issue formal solicitations, and still wonder if they are getting the best vendors for their students.  

…but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Noodle Markets is K-12’s national market network. We help districts and schools achieve:


The most comprehensive database of education vendors, products, and services empowers research and purchasing confidence.


Digital collaboration tools and consistent vendor responses mean easy evaluation in less time.


Straightforward data from across your district and a robust pool of K-12 vendors generates increased competition and bottom line savings.
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K-12 leaders are championing our work.

I am thrilled for Noodle Markets. Their tools to streamline the bid management process and K-12 marketplace allow educators to see all of their options in one place while helping vendors convey their features clearly.

Ken Eastwood
Superintendent / Middletown City School District, NY