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“By helping us find competitive bids and quotes from vendors on a furniture purchase, Noodle Markets saved us 50% off what we would normally have paid–and a lot of time. If you need better pricing for anything, I recommend you work with Noodle Markets.”

Jacklyn Charles-Marcus
Principal / Stephen Decatur Middle School 35

“Knowledge of the marketplace, and the providers available in it, is critical for successful Strategic Sourcing. I am excited about the prospect of transparent data from Noodle Markets, and can’t wait to use the marketplace.”

Gary Appenfelder
Director of Purchasing / Metro Nashville Public Schools, TN

“Our Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing Report made it clear that districts would like help finding the best products and streamlining purchasing processes. We welcome the information that Noodle Markets will provide as they take on this important challenge and we are pleased to be their partner.”

Karen Cator
CEO / Digital Promise

“Everyone knows that it’s too hard to find the best products for schools. We share in ed camps, blogs, and social media, but there are so many new products every year. It has been tough to feel confident that we know everything we should know. I love that Noodle Markets will let us see all options and select products with confidence.”

Brad Currie
Dean of Students and Supervisor of Instruction / Chester School District, NJ

“I am thrilled to see Noodle Markets launch. Their K-12 marketplace allows educators to see all of their options in one place while helping vendors convey their features clearly, all alongside free tools to streamline the bid management process.”

Ken Eastwood
Superintendent / Middletown City School District, NY

“Noodle Markets is the epitome of what everyone in education is looking for. We can stop spending hours scouring websites plus 18 catalogs to find what we need. The time savings will be invaluable.”

Jay Eitner
Superintendent / Waterford Township School District, NJ

“I have been wishing for ‘an Amazon.com for K-12 education products’ for ages! By building a marketplace around our needs, Noodle Markets could be a game-changer for purchasing.”

Penny Hodge
Assistant Superintendent of Finance / Roanoke County Schools, VA

“The hardest thing about ed tech is the rapid change; it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with your options when they are always evolving. An online marketplace will definitely help with this challenge.”

Patrick Larkin
Assistant Superintendent of Learning / Burlington Public Schools, MA

“Our research showed a clear need for an online marketplace describing products and evidence of their utility and effectiveness.”

Jennifer Morrison
Lead Research Scientist for Ed Tech Evaluations / JHU Center for Research & Reform in Education

“With greater transparency about a vendor’s quality and pricing, districts are able make more informed purchasing decisions. Noodle Markets will provide a valuable resource for district IT leaders.”

Kecia Ray
Executive Director / Center for Digital Education

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